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Comparison of Point Of Sale Editions

iQ-Point of Sale is available in two feature rich versions. Here is a comparison to help you choose the version that best meets your needs.

Order Entry and Cashiering Standard Extended
Touch-screen ready
Employee security and badge-swipe entry
Cashier sales in bar, restaurant, gift shop, room service, and more
Hold and recall orders (bar tabs, dinner checks)
Bill to room (Guest Folios) including folio selection for shares in the same room
Reprint full copy of the POS Receipt from the front desk when guest is checking out
Bill to city ledger accounts (customer tabs)
Integrated credut card processing (same or different Merchant deposit)
One-touch button to order another complete round
Flexible tip processing options such as tip by percent, tip by amount or tip by difference tendered
Very fast receipt printing with easy-to-read layout of receipts, detailed listing of payments, split payments on bill-to-room and storing customer name on order
Alternate screen layout available for left-handed users
Pull a check from hold and print it in only two keystrokes
Gratuity suggestions printed at bottom of receipts
Unique item lists per location (bar vs. gift shop)
Split checks - Ability to separate checks at any time in the order cycle such as before starting order or when ready to pay
Remote printing – order placed at register prints at kitchen printers (salad station, grill, bar, etc.), including two-color printing
Employee Security Standard Extended
Designate which employees can open the cash drawer
Designate which employees can Tip-Out for other employees
Designate which employees can void items
Designate how many copies of the receipt each employee can print
Track void reasons for each item once they have dropped to kitchen
Designate which employees can process payments to orders
Pricing & Inventory Standard Extended
Multi-Level pricing by service (Dining room, Bar, Take-Out and Room Service) allows an item to sell for different prices at different locations
Flexible pricing – flat, markup or user prompt
Costing with unit conversion (1 case = 12 each)
Modifiers - 2 levels per item with optional modifier pricing
Ability to ignore taxes by service such as taxing in the Dining room but not taxing in the Bar
Vendor maintenance
Inventory with reorder points
Multiple location inventory for each item
Timed menus so prices and menu items change automatically by time of day and day of week (happy hour, early bird specials, holidays)
* Exclusive! - Extended Modifier Attributes (no, extra, light, heavy, etc.) and ability to create modifier options on-the-fly
Reporting Standard Extended
Full integration with Property Management System for billing, reporting and accounting
Daily transaction journal
Daily sales totals
Inventory and Purchasing
Monthly and yearly sales
Report Wizard - design your own simple reports